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Undo the Effects of Stress on Your Health

"Whenever health is altered, whether to the good or bad, stress was a factor!"

- Vinny Nuzzo


3 Pillars of Stress 

Chronic Psychological Stress is unique to the human experience.

Some social primates also experience some psychological stress, but not to the same degree. Most species in the animal kingdom only excite their “Fight or Flight” nervous system when they’re being hunted, or their experiencing life-threatening weather. We humans, excite the “Fight or Flight” nervous system far more frequently. It may be the result of current or prior trauma. It may be the pressure to provide and succeed.

Or it could just be the normal chaos of life that causes us to excite our SNS 5 times before we get the kids off to school in the morning.

Whatever your reason, you need to consider the condition it causes you to be in, and how exercise can either help improve or worsen that condition.

Structural Stress
is a drain on the adrenal gland and contributes to allostatic overload.

Structural Stress increases the amount of stress hormones being released into the blood regularly causing a host of health issues like adrenal fatigue or failure. Ultimately, it increases the amount of inflammation in the body.

Chronic inflammation causes decay. Arthritis (the #1 cause of disability) is inflammation from structural stress.
We take on more stress on our skeletal system (bones, joints, ligaments) than we should. It could be from habits such as breathing, sitting, and standing. It could be from a form of tension or gripping caused by some psychological trauma. It could be from pregnancy and labor, or a surgical procedure. When we experience these things, they make strength and performance exercise difficult.

Mitigating Structural Stress is vital to ensure that your body is resilient enough to handle the exposure to the stress that strength and performance exercise is.

It is something that we need to address to ensure that we can fight for our other systems (cardiovascular, respiratory) as we age.

Nutritional Stress is an epidemic that causes illness and hinders our ability to establish health.

Nutritional stress is the negative response to a dietary habit or experience. It’s the habits that cause chronic nutritional stress, and it’s those habits that need to be addressed.

Everything from your food choices and portion control to stress levels, auto-immune deficiencies and your individual eating habits need to be considered when decreasing nutritional stress in your life.

It’s the healthy information that your gut receives that helps set us up with the resources we need to think, feel, and BE healthy.

It’s one of the first things we can change that improves the communication between various systems within the body.

“Be your best, more.”

Exercise is nothing more than a physical stress that we subject ourselves to (chronically or repeatedly) with the hope of specific adaptations.” 


- Vinny Nuzzo

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“Having lived with significant back and neck issues for most of my adult life, there were so many day to day tasks that were difficult for me. After working with you I couldn't believe how that all changed. The way I bend, move, lift and breathe, were all things I never realized how much they affected me. You taught me the importance of each one, and that alone has increased my quality of life tremedously. And that was only the very beginning of what you helped me to achieve

My doctors were stumped, but you knew exactly what was needed and they did not. You listened to my body and my history and helped me where no one else could.

You took the time and energy to listen to me on a day to day basis. What my body was feeling physically as well as emotionally. You took that all into consideration each and every visit to determine what we should work on.

You became a huge part of mine and my families life and well being.

First, no one is a "one size fits all". That philosophy doesn't' exist with you. Every workout and training session is completely customized to the individuals specific needs. Every word spoken is heard by you entirely.

Everything you have taught me has stayed with me. I will never go back to the mess I was before I met and trained with you. You gave me the ability and strength to not go backwards, and always look forward. To be my best version of me.”

- Liz D.

“My family and I have had the good fortune of working with Vinny for a long time. He has taken care of my entire family, teaching and guiding us individually as we needed. As I was, you will be most impressed with his level of understanding of both the human body, and the human being. I’m amazed by their ability to continue to develop us year after year. I could not recommend them enough - your life will change!”

- Jim T.

"No exercise program in the world teaches the relationship between stress and disease of the human being and the role exercise can play (to the good or bad) better than Stress Undone™"

- Joe L.

Stress Undone™

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