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Vincent Nuzzo

The founder of Stress Undone™, has experience working with structural, intestinal, and psychological trauma. His background in developmental movement, manual medicine, human performance, and integrative health, inform his unique understanding and approach to using exercise as a tool to address stress effectively. His commitment to learning and determination to prove what he’s learned led to incredible breakthroughs with his clients, as well as awards with high-profile organizations like UFC GYM.

Vinny received the highest awards during every year of his tenure with those organizations, including 4x Trainer of the Year with UFC GYM. He is one of the most sought-after wellness experts in the country.  

The thread that ties his life’s work together is quality and length of life (longevity). He believes longevity is an art – an art of the science of health and wellness. He focuses on teaching people about health and fitness, how to mitigate stress as well as improve resiliency to stress through one-on-one instruction. He believes it’s mismanaged stress that leads to negative adaptations and well-managed stress that leads to health and longevity. Which is as unique an approach as each person is, and as specific to the unique circumstances and experiences that make up an individual. Vinny’s depth of knowledge and breadth of experience (both failures and successes) led to the birth of Stress Undone™. A comprehensive program – a first of its kind.

An educational program that addresses stress at the root causes of the 3 [main] pillars of stress: Nutritional Stress, Structural Stress, and Psychological Stress

Vinny is an avid reader and lifelong learner, who habitually endeavors to discover the truth behind the relationship between stress and disease, and the influence exercise can have on the human body – to both the good and the bad. As a husband and father of two young boys, he understands the importance of being able to improve your resilience to stress. It allows you to be your best, more. He embodies his own teachings so that he can enjoy what matters to him most for many years to come – his family.

Read on to learn more about my personal history of injury and depression.